Tenor Fly GoodbyeVery sad to pass on the news that our very good friend Tenor Fly has died . We’re not absolutely sure what the circumstances were .
Last time we performed with him it was at Jamm in Brixton -he looked a little thin but ,of course,he told us not to worry Since then he’s been touring constantly with Congo Natty and many others.
Fly played a major part in Ruts DC’s re-birth as he was often at Jamm on a friday night where we’d chat and sing and hang out. I sang him the chorus to Mighty Soldier once and he just started to perform, with his unique and sonorous voice filling the room -like a righteous teacher .We asked him to put that rhyme on Rhythm Collision volume 2 and yes it became the song that some of you will know -Mighty Soldier . We were so proud to work with him .

Tenor Fly and Ruts DC 1
A humorous episode ensued later during our book pledge campaign .One of the offers was “A printed lyrics poster “ . Some bright spark asked for the lyrics to Mighty Soldier (you know who you are ! ) .Anyone who’s heard this track will know that, although we sing the chorus ,Tenorfly booms out in his inimitable Brixtonian/West Indian style .I thought I’d understand most of it so I started to write them down .I realised that I was well out of my depth and tried to contact him.He was away ,again ,doing the rounds in Europe and beyond .In the end I had to call on “The Brixton Brothers” as I call them.After much laughing (mainly at some of my attempted translation) they didn’t hesitate to help me and we all felt honoured to be involved with this legend When he finally got back to me, after reading through the song ,he texted a simple “100 %” .We had a poster framed for him ,I never did get it to him as he was always so busy. I did speak to him last week and I told him about it but we missed each other -again …
I can’t believe he’s gone -we’re all going to miss him .The Mighty Soldier lays down his lyrical gun for the last time .

“One bright morning when my work is over I will fly away home”



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