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RUTS DC – Music Must Destroy

ruts-dcWith some excellent accompanying videos, Ruts DC are back with an absolute belter of a new album. They have always been a band keen to explore new sonic landscapes with well-documented forays into dub and reggae in their catalog. Psychic Attack is the opening track of the new album that was funded via the excellent Pledge Music crowd-funding platform. The song is a completely fresh sound for the band full of power chords and a great guitar lick. It’s some return from the boys – urgent, somewhat foreboding in atmosphere and had me salivating anticipating more!

Next up is Music Must Destroy, a chugging bass and rhythm overlaid with a guitar not so gently weeping. The echo infused vocals belt out a modern protest anthem that I defy you not to move to…it’s my favorite song of 2016 so far, it’s that good! Two songs in and I have to say that if a band like Green Day had released any of these songs, they would be receiving radio play 24/7. I must admit, I’m not sure how the band can keep up the pace with the first two tracks. The first answer comes with the drum intro to Surprise and the bluesy tinged guitar before the bass drives a Dr. Feelgood style rock song. Seemingly not content with the flexibility demonstrated on the first three songs, the band channels Tom Petty and The Mob with 2nd Hand Child. This album is nowhere near monotonous or predictable; it is powerful, angry, melodic and varied.

Soft City Lights introduces a melodic approach with a T-Rex vibe to the vocals – the song clocks in over five minutes in length and burrows its way into your brain in a pleasant way. The sixth song on the ten track album returns to a punkier approach – Kill The Pain – adds harmonic backing vocals to the urgent lead vocals. As with many of the tracks, the lyrics are excellent and the delivery of the band is top notch.

 At the end of each song, you are left with a feeling of anticipation for what’s next. Peacebomb blew my mind (ahem) – sounding like a cross between the Beatles and Alabama 3, it’s simply new territory as a power ballad infused with a ‘60’s feel. After the rather psychedelic track, Tears on Fire takes us on another trip – there is some Stiff Little Fingers sounding licks here but it’s more poppy, more acoustic and just different.

Vox Teardrop is introduced with some swirling keyboard before the guitar kicks in and launches a song that The Who would be proud of. In fact, Daltry and Townsend could lift this one and no-one would complain that they are not evolving!

The tour de force of an album concludes with the acoustically driven folk song Golden Boy. I cannot recommend this album highly enough – its different, varied and a package of classic songs. I simply loved it. Get it here:

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