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UK tour day 1

6th November 2014 tonight’s gig is in Leeds
The alarm goes off at 6:30 this morning i am in East Sussex. it’s the first day of the Ruts DC uk tour
today and I’m being picked up from Sarf London. So it’s dress and go for me, it’s been a frosty
night the first I’ve seen this year so there’s a few minutes of ice removal on the windscreen and I’m
off on the A21.

it’s early and there is no traffic to speak of till Bromley, there is still an hour and a half before the
school run and I arrive home at 8:05.
I shower, shave, make a bowl of porridge and coffee, pack a bag, grab computer and phone and I’m

Alas by now the traffic is bad, Jon our new tour manager calls and tells me the new ETA is 11:45!
Traffic eh, what can you do? To quote Mr Julian Cope “there’s no getting around, getting around”
Jon arrives at noon we head off to pick up Segs then Leigh and it’s off to Leeds
It’s a long slow drive, the motorway is a car park and the day is, punctuated by depressing telephone conversations all the way up.

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Vienna Austria Tour Day 7 – Ruffy

I awake from a dream where I am in some kind of motorized kayak on the Thames?

Shower and down for breakfast, they have great coffee and a fine selection if Polish specialties they also have an egg man so I order an omelette.

Check out at 10:15 (luxury)

Back in the bus and it’s another gray day as we went our way to Austria through the Polish countryside. We drive through the border into Czech Republic and suddenly it’s sunny (I kid you not), it’s as if there is a weather border, it’s a beautiful day!


We stop for gas, ablutions and coffee, and spy a coach load of people who appear to be exercising in the car park further investigation reveals they are in fact dancing! There is an accordion player and it’s quite odd and a little charming too.

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Gdynia Poland Tour Day 4 – Ruffy

Tonight’s gig club UCHO, Gdynia, Poland.

Up at 07:45 good breakfast at the Armony hotel, we stayed here last time and both my phone and computer effortlessly log in the Wi-Fi which has the same code from when we stayed here last year. So catch up on my email and post my day 3 Berlin blog.

A good breakfast here with an egg person (someone who will make you poached eggs or an omelet to order) good coffee as well as falafel, German sausage, salmon, salads, breads and pastries.

day 4

We leave at 09:30 to the sound of this Sunday mornings church bells. It’s a long drive today, 475 kilometers to Gdynia in Poland; it’s a port near Gdansk on the Baltic Sea. It takes eight hours, some of the road in former East Germany is really rough and its foggy, the road gets a little better as we enter Poland, as does the weather but it’s a single lane road most of the way through, It’s very pretty though and after 3 hours we stop for a lunch of Pierogi’s (Polish dumplings) and local beer.

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